• 1h   300
  • 2h   500
  • 4h   700
  • 6h   900
  • 12h  1200
  • 18h  1800
  • 24h  2200
  • Weekend   (eg. evening Friday till evening Sunday)  3000
  • Longer meetings are bespoke, please ask me
  • The patronage is in eur. I would like to stress, that the amount is non-negotiable.
  • Transport/accomodation/food/entry fees are not included in patronage. 
  • Please place the patronage into an unsealed envelope and hand it to me when we meet, either in a gift bag, or in a book that I can read later (other discrete way).   
  • DEPOSIT POLICY FOR MEETINGS OUTSIDE AMSTERDAM:    If we are to meet out of Amsterdam, the minimum of 30% of the patronage is paid by PayPal or bank transfer at least 2 days prior to our meeting. It is non-refundable (in the event of your cancellation). 

Travel and Fly-me-to-You: I am sure you will find traveling with me exciting! You can also fly me to a location, for now I am available in Europe.  

Couples: If you and your significant other wish to experience meeting me together, excellent! I will be happy to make our time sweet and memorable. 

Duos: If ménage à trois is your dream, I may have a lovely girl friend to join us. Please contact me in advance to ensure she is free.